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HH Roberts / Annyang DY410 and DY510
16" and 20" Swing, 3" or 4" Spindle Bore
Available with 40", 60" and 80" Centers.

AnnnYang 16" CNC lathe with Anilam 4200 control

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Showing the 16" x 30" model in the lift up door configuration, with standard toolpost
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AnnnYang 16" CNC lathe with Anilam 4200 control
This shows the machine closed for protection.  The advantages of this guard design are that the door lifts straight up and clears the center line, which allows unobstructed loading with an overhead hoist, very important on larger machines. Also, all the coolant drippings are captured back in the machine, not over the headstock or on the floor. We can add an automatic lift system that will open the door with a pushbutton, or an M-function in the program.
Pragati Electric Turret
The Pragati turret disc showing the 8 turning positions as well as 3 bolt on boring tool block and one facing tool block. Note the abundance of coolant ports.
AnnnYang 16" CNC lathe with Anilam 4200 control
The base castings for this series has provision for fitting a chip conveyor, as shown here. A higher exit point and larger capacity chip cart is also available.
AnnnYnag 16" CNC lathe with Anilam 4200 control This is a 16" x 30" model with a hydraulic chuck and hydraulic 8 position turret.
Base of ANNYANG 16" CNC lathe with Anilam 4200 control
The base on all of this series machines is a solid, one piece casting.
electric turret
To the left is the optional automatic 4 way indexing turret toolpost.  This toolpost has 2 coolant ports on the base below the turret.  The coolant ports are normally fitted with a copper tube to allow adjustment of the aim.  They coolant ports are fixed and do not change when the turret indexes.  This is a very economical automatic toolpost if you can live with only 4 tools and the coolant function.  This toolpost must be mounted on the rear of the cross slide. These turrets do not lift up during unclamp or rotation

swing over bed
swing over cross slide
distance between  centers
750 / 1000 / 1500mm
30" / 40" /  60"
max. cutting length
500 / 750 / 1150mm
29.5" / 45"
spindle nose
spindle bore
2 1/8"
bar capacity
spindle taper
MT 6
spindle speed
H 600-3000
M 200-1300
L 50-450
cross travel ( X  axis)
180mm   7"
Iongitudinal travel ( Z  axis)
500 / 750 / 1250mm
29.5" / 45"
rapid traverse X
5 M/min
200 ipm
rapid traverse Z
10 M/min
400 ipm
feed rate
0.001-500mm/rev      0.0004 - 20" / rev
spindle power
10 HP continuous / 12 .5 Hp intermittent
axis servo motors
2.1NM - 4.5NM
optional hydraulic pump
2HP /  1.5KW
bed width
tailstock quill diameter
54mm   2"
tailstock quill travel
150   5"
tailstock quill taper
MT 4
net weight (approx.)
1650, 1950, 2150 Kgs
1800 / 2000 / 2200 Kgs

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