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Rohm SLZK Crankshaft Steady Rests

Rohm logo Rohn SLZK steady rest for crankshafts
Type 576 Self-centering steady rests SLZK - oil or air operated
With narrow arms for crankshafts

Application range • For more efficient turning of slender shafts
• On versions with chip protectors the clamping range is limited
• The cam and lever system has been optimized in comparison to known solutions
   and permits the three rollers performing the centering and    supporting function to be
   applied to the workpiece almost   symmetrically with a spacing of 3 x 120°.
   This feature together with an innovative internal compensating system which
   compensates for displacement of the workpiece center occurring under changing
   pressures in conventional steady rests accounts for the unusually high centering
   accurancy throughout the working range.
• Depending on requirements and proposed use, the steady rest is available with a
   stroke monitor or a safety device only.

Technical features
• high repeating accurancy
• high stiffness
• small dimensions
• air purge to prevent dirt penetration
• stroke control and central lubrication

Customer advantages

• Optimal support of slender work (shafts) on lathes
• Easy mounting
• For central lubrication only one connection is necessary.
   The proportioning units for the rollers are integrated in the body
   of the rest and assure sufficent greasing in the respective greasing interval
• Various mounting options permit steady rests to be usedfor turning outside
   diameters,facing, centering, drilling, internal machining, recessing,
   parting-off, copy turning etc., both
   as fixed steady rests and following rests, in
   any desired angular positioning relative to the cutting tool.