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We try to stock SEM and Anilam DC servo motors and parts including brushes, cap, brush holders and tachogenerators. SEM has discontinued this series so supplies of new motors and parts are difficult to get.

Anilam has used SEM servo motors in their CNC kits for years under their private brand.  When we started offering larger machines it was natural that we fitted them with SEM servo motors as well.  We now have thousands of customers with machines running these reliable motors. But they need service from time and because parts and support in Canada was not what we thought it should be we have elected to put in our own stock of brushes, caps, tachogenerator brushes, complete tachos and encoders. We now stock SEM DC motors used in our CNC machine building and retrofit operations.
SEM DC servo motors
SEM MT-30-U series DC servo motors
Dimensions for MT30 SEM DC servo motors