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Acu-Rite Digital Readout Systems  Acu-Rite logo

100 series for milling, turning boring etc as above for turning
203  series for milling and turning as above for grinding.
300S for milling Full featured graphical digital readout with program storage, import and export.
300S for turning  
SENC 50 Linear Scales Details on the linear scales, how they work and different models
SENC150 Linear Scales  

Now with COLOUR Graphics
Acu-rite 300S colour digital readout system

August 1 / 08
ACu-rite introduces colour LCD to the 300S series of Digital Programmable Readouts.

They're Here !!

Intoducing the new Acu-rite digital readouts with LCD screens featuring graphical displays of drilling patterns, pocket milling and having tool descriptions with offsets, extensive help, communications, probing for edge and center finding etc.
Printed manuals may be obsolete as this system has over 225 display pages of help.  They are accessable from a front end menu under 6 topics, and context related for the functions you are currently working with.

The Reference library: within the help system includes
- inch / metric / number and letter drill cross refernces.
- inch and metric taps sizes and drill sizes
- surface feet per minute calculators in inch and metric for
    high speed steel and carbide cutters under a number of
    different alloys.

Feed Rate is display for the first axis that is activated.

The lower picture shows the set up ready to do a bolt hole pattern.  The next hole to be processed is highlighted and the axes are moved until the co-ordinates show zero, then next hole is pressed to move on.

on 200 and 300 series
Anilam 500 series digital readout on our Topwell 4-GL millN
Download the brochure on the VUE LCD Readout
Download the brochure on the 200S LCD Readout
Downloand the brochure on the 300S LCD Readout

A sample of the graphics capabilites.  A bolt hole patter is shown.  The next hole to be done
is highlighted at 2:00 o'clock and the co-ordinates are displayed.  Just drive it to 0,0 and drill.
..Anilam 1000 DRO bolt hole pattern
This close up shows the screen set up to do a 6 hole pattern.
From left to right on the top line are references for Datum 0, Tool 1, the feed rate, now 0 and the job clock 0:00, INCH mode and Incremental mode.  In the top right corner the instruction is H:1/6  that means you should be doing hole 1 of 6.
The co-ordinates of the hole are below that and the text instructions on the bottom.   
The soft keys on the bottom: VIEW will toggle you between the graphical mode seen above, and the traditional all digital view with an appoaching zero indicator.  The NEXT and PREVIOUS HOLE buttons allow you to move forward and backward and recycle to for example, do tapping or chamfering. 
The example is a 6 hole patter centered at X 2.5 and Y 2.5 and starting at 30 degrees.  Partial segements with starting and finishing angles can be programmed.
Acut-rite graphical, programmable digital readout
And available now the new 4 axis 300S Digital Readout with program memory.  You can enter and record a set of points to define a part and then save them in memory or export them via the communications port.  Recall the job the next time you need to run it and save a ton of time and reduce the chances of errors.

The newest generation of digital readout systems, the Acu-rite 200S, features exclusive clear LCD display technology. This technology replaces the traditional LED and VFD displays still used by other manufacturers. The Acu-rite 200S features a 5.7", 320x240 resolution transmissive LCD display, the latest in flat screen technology.

The 200S milling LCD readout system is totally intuitive as all prompts, instructions and help functions are now visible as text or graphics on the screen. In addition, all standard routines are now visible on the screen with graphics to guide the user through simple questions. It is no longer necessary to constantly refer to a manual or memorize codes, to access the functionality of the 200S system.

Available in the same LCD readout as a 2- or 3-axes display, the Acu-rite 200S for milling comes complete with bolthole pattern calculations for full and partial circles with graphics, zero reset and preset features, tool diameter compensation, near zero warning, and every other operating feature available in Acu-rite's previous DRO product lines.

The 300S for Milling Applications is designed to meet your milling needs with features that help all operators work smarter and faster:

  • Bolthole pattern calculations with graphics (full and partial circles)
  • Centerline calculation enables you to establish workpiece zero and midpoints
  • 16 tool offsets/diameter
  • 2- or 3-axes LCD display
  • Preset and zero reset
  • Near-zero warning
  • Instant inch/mm conversion
  • Linear and non-linear error compensation
  • Electronic edge finder input (see below)
  • Position-Trac™ - a unique feature that lets you easily, quickly and accurately reestablish workpiece zero after power loss

The Acu-rite 200S provides the CLEAR CHOICE of productivity for manual milling applications!