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regular depth step chuck option for Cyclematic and Hardinge  lathes

Regular Depth Step Chucks and closers

STEP CHUCKS are 10mm ( 3/8" ) larger in diameter than the rated size so the full capacity may be readily applied to a depth of 12mm ( 1/2" ).

STEP CHUCK CLOSERS are required for each rated size.

Tool No:T-CT-02, T-CT-03, T-CT-04, T-CT-05, T-CT-06,

When ordering specify for taper or threaded nose spindle.
A=Threaded, B=Taper

Tool No:T-202-2A, T-202-3A, T-202-4A, T-202-5A, T-202-6A, T-202-2B, T-202-3B,
T-202-4B, T-202-5B, T-202-6B,

For all models of Cyclematic, Sharp and Hardinge style 5-C lathes

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