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Cyclematic CT-1118
Toolroom and gang CNC Lathe
in one machine.
Anilam CNC control CNC or Fanuc CNC logo

turning between centers
gang turning on the cyclematic CT-1118
Switch from chucking or turning between centers to fast gang tooling work in minutes

And now also available with a 6 station automatic electric turret
Convertible !
Now TWO lathes in ONE
Centre turning and Gang Tooling SWAPABLE cross slide.

Cyclematic CT1118 CNC toolroom lathe with Anilam 4200 control
Center turning also gang turning on New CT-1118CNC
CT-1118-CNC is the CNC version of CTL-618EVS manual toolroom lathe. It keeps the original machine's durability and elegant exterior while automating it with servos and CNC control.

With CT-1118-CNC's redesign it maintains the ability to use the tailstock and center to perform shaft work.  But now the cross slide can be removed and an innovative T-slot gang tool slide can be fitted, in minutes.

The gang tool slide works with a new complete line-up of tool holders from CYCLEMATIC for gang tool turning. Either traditional lathe tooling setup or gang tool setup are easy to swap out and exchange for the other. Now CT-1118CNC is the ONE CNC toolroom lathe that can bring you TWO different styles of machining capability.
Download the Cyclematic CNC lathe catalog
updated to show the interchangeable cross slides

for both lathe and mill series ) Video link to Cyclematic CT-1118 CNC lathe demonstration.

This is the open version of the CT-1118. The spindle is a traditional Hardinge style with a 5C nose built in.  We use a vector type spindle drive giving constant surface speed. Spindle speeds are up to 4,000 as standard and optionally to 6,000 rpm. The Anilam CNC is standard.  Fanuc and others can also be supplied.
Cyclematic CNC toolroom lathe with Anilam 4200 control - enclosed version
This is the same machine as shown above but with the 4 door chip guard
system in place. A 3 door version is also available.

This is the Cyclematic CT-1118 with a Fanuc CNC control
Fanuc CNC control
Shown without chip guards and with the Fanuc 0Ti CNC control  

  • Guaranteed spindle runnout accuracy to 50 millionths of an inch TIR
  • Anilam, FANUC 0iMate or FAGOR 8040TC CNC controls.
  • Powerful 3 HP motor (5HP-Optional) with Yaskawa current vector inverter drive for improved torque
        response at low end.
  • Spindle mounted on high precision preloaded angular contact ball bearings
  • Precision ballscrew on X, Z-axes
  • Protection guard on Z-axis ballscrew
  • X, Z-axes feeds drven by AC Servo Motor
  • X, Z-axes ballscrews directly coupled to AC Servo Motor, minimizing backlash
  • Fast lever collect chucking
  • Optional power collet closer
  • Optional gang tooling option
  • Wide variety of accessories to increase versatility

automatic electric turret for Cyclematic CT-1118 CNC lathe
New electric turret option for the Cyclematic CT-1118
Bare cross slide with precision locator
holes for custom applications
Quick-change tool holder on "shorty" gang tool plate.
Single tool on quick-change tool holder on compound tool slide.   Single tool holder in the back.
Lathe canter in tailstock. Single tool on quick-change tool holder on compound tool slide
One full-length gang tool plate with T-slots to accommodate lots of tool holders

Two "shorty" gang tool plates leaves room
in the middle for long shaft work with the tailstock.

 Maximum Swing
280 mm
 Maximum Turning Diameter
Ø 150 mm
Ø 6"
Distance Between Centers
457 mm
 Bar stock Diameter (5C collet)
Ø27 mm
Ø 1-1/16"
 Hole Through Spindle
Ø 1-1/4"
 CNC Controller
Anilam, Fanuc or Fagor
 Spindle speeds (Variable)
50~4000 R.P.M. (3HP) or
optionally 50~6000 R.P.M. (5HP)
 Spindle Nose I.D./O.D.
5C   10° 
4° external taper
 Chuck Diameter
Ø150 mm
 Maximum X-axis Travel
155 mm
 Maximum Z-axis Travel
340 mm
 Rapid Traverse
20 M/min
800 IPM
 Inverter Spindle Motor
3 HP
optionally 5HP
 X,Z-Axis Servo Motor
X : ß2 / Z : ß2
 Coolant Pump
1/4 HP
 Tailstock Spindle Taper
MT No.2
 Tailstock Spindle Travel
95 mm
 Machine Dimensions (L x W x H)
2050 x 1000 x 1650 mm
81" x 40" x 65"
 Machine weight
1200 kgs
2,640 lbs.

showing the massive saddle of the cyclematic CNC lathe


The saddle slideways are coated with Turcite-B for maximum wear resistance.
The cross slideways have hardened and ground tool steel inserts for smooth accurate movement

click to enlarge
headstock assembly of the Cyclematic CT1118 CNC lathe
Solid one-piece enclosed headstock has high precision preloaded ball bearing spindle with 5C collet capacity.
High-precision preloaded ball bearing spindle is mounted in the solid one-piece enclosed headstock, providing maximum rigidity and sustained precision.
The collet seats directly in the hardened and precision ground spindle, eliminating troublesome sleeves and adaptors that introduce costly inaccuracies.
manual collet closer on the headstock of the cyclematic ct1118 cnc lathe
The fast lever collet closer provides faster chucking. The lever control end of the closer assembly is balanced and rides on a precision bearing. Collet tension is instantly adjustable throughout the full range from light to heavy holding power without the use of tools.
The spindle handwheel is built into the end of the spindle.
Entire collet closer is conveniently removed by pulling up the lock pin
economical power collet closer on the headstock of the cyclematic CT1118 cnc lathe
When requested, the lathe can be fitted with a easy type power collet closer to replace manual lever operation, this air operated collet closer features automatic chucking.
the solid tailstock of the cyclematic CT1118 cnc lathe
The solid full bearing tailstock supports any load to the preloaded ball bearing spindle headstock, The tailstock has 95mm(3-3/4") travel. The spindle is graduated in inch and metric for easy reading. Standard shank 2 morse taper tools are automatically discharged for easy operation.
step collet chuck for cyclematic and hardinge lathes

STEP CHUCKS are exceptionally useful for accurately holding work up to 6" in diameter. Castings, moldings, stampings and machined parts are held rigidly and accurately Tubing can be held without crushing or distorting.

STEP CHUCKS AND CLOSERS are carried in stock in 2", 3", 4", 5" and 6" rated sizes. All step chucks are supplied with pin holes in place for precision machining.

CHUCK CLOSERS fit directly to the machine spindle. A taper corresponding to that on the periphery of the step chuck places the closing pressure over the stepped area of the chuck, resulting in greater gripping power and accuracy.

Expanding Collet

Vacuum Chuck

Hydraulic Chuck

Chuck Back Plate

6" 3-jaw Chuck
Lathe Dog
Face Plate
Pneumatic Chuck
Precision Diaphragm Chucks
Step Chuck

Tool Plate for Quick Change Toolpost
ER Collet Holder
Square Shank Tool Holder, Right Hand
Gang Tool Block 408 mm
Gang Tool Block 96 mm
Gang Tool Block 48 mm
Square Shank Tool Holder, Left Hand
Square Shank Tool Holder, Right Hand
Square Shank Tool Holder, 1 Position
Drill Holder, Adjustable Center
Releasing Die Nut Holder
Tap Holder