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Freeport 8" x 16" Hydraulic
Surface Grinders
Freeport SGS-816 Hydraulic toolroom surface grinder
-hydraulic long feed is standard
-optional automatic cross feed
-optional rapid traverse on head
The SGS-816 grinders are the most economical automatic models available from us.

Capacity is 8" x 16".
This series is available as a manual model, long feed only, or long feed and cross feed, and all with or without vertical rapid traverse.

This model is normally in stock.

View a video on the Freeport double column surface grinders. Well produced and in English)
This shows grinding on several different models of the double column machines.  Work shown includes flat thin plates, bases, columns and tables of machining centers, V-bed lathes, boring mill sub-tables etc.
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video on Freeport double column grinders
H / HR
Max. grinding surface WxL
203 x 406
8" x 16"
Working Surface of table. W x L
160 x 406mm
6.3" x 16"
Max. Horizontal travel of table.
Max. Cross travel of table.
Table surface to spindle center
Table speed
5~25M/min      200~1000 inch/min
Automatic cross feed of saddle
0~9mm  0"~0.35"
Vertical handwheel 1 graduation
0.01mm   0.0005"
Vertical handwheel 1 revolution
2mm     0.1"
Cross feed handwheel 1 graduation
0.02mm    0.001"
Cross feed handwheel 1 revolution
4mm     0.2"
Downfeed micro adjustment 1 graduation
0.001mm    0.00005"
Downfeed micro adjustment 1 revolution
AHD-0.1mm     0.005"
Longitudinal travel range
50~406     2" to 16"
Spindle motor
2 HP
Hydraulic pump motor
1 HP
Cross feed motor
Downfeed motor
MR 1/5
Grinding wheel (ODxTxID)
205 x 13 x 31.75mm
8" x 1/2" x 1.25"
Spindle speed ( variable speed optional )
3500 RPM
Coolant motor
1/8 HP
Dust collector motor
1/2 HP
Net Weight
750 kgs
1,650 lbs
Gross weight
900 kgs
1,980 lbs