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Fuho VBS-2613 series
Fuho bandsaw factory logo
Made in Taiwan since 1967

Fuho 26" band saw
Fuho VBS-2613 bandsaw
the new paint scheme for Fuho saws
Here is a preview of the new paint scheme for
the Fuho saws. Our stock machines will have this.
The off-white and green paint is optional.
Click for a larger image

658 mm
Work height
330 mm
Wheel diameter
665 mm
26 1/4"
Blade speed
Low 15 - 125 M/min
Hi 165 - 1500 M/min

Low 50 - 415 FPM
Hi 550 - 5000 FPM
Motor 2.2 Kw
3 Hp
Table size
600 x 700 mm
23 1/2 x 27 1/2"
Table feed force n/a 80 Kgcm
Table feed stroke n/a 300 mm
Table tilt
R 45°, L 10°
Table height
1000 mm
39 3/8"
Max blade length
184 1/4"
Max. blade width
27 mm
Max Welder capacity
19 mm
Floor Space
1295 x 810 x 2140 mm
51 x 32 x 84"
Net weight
665 kgs
1,460 lbs
700 Kg
1,540 lbs

The electrics cabinet on a Fuho vertical saw     showing the CSA approved electric panel on a Fuho saw The electric panel showing at the top the step down transformer for low voltage controls, magnetic contactors with overloads, fuses etc for CSA electrical approval.
latching door interlock on Fuho saws The yellow arrow points to the latching interlocked safety switch.  The blade wheel must be stopped before the latch will release to allow access.

To the right is the operator panel on low voltage showing the keyed master switch, pilot light,
E-stop and start buttons.
Fuho band saw transmission The transmission of the Fuho VBS-2012.  The air pump for the chip blower is in the lower right.
Showing the linear bar supports under the table on the power table feed models

Features and standard equipment 2613 2613-E
- heavy steel closed box frame Y Y
- 2 way tiliting table N Y
- 4 way tilting table Y N
- blade tension indicator Y Y
- variable blade speeds with digital speed indicator Y Y
- upper wheel tilt adjustment Y Y
- manual feed screw Y N
- electric power table feed with 12" stroke and depth of cut control N Y
- 110 V worklight Y Y
- magnifying class Y Y
- chip blower Y Y
- blade and tire cleaning brush    
- upper guide posr height adjustment by handwheel Y Y
- 1 blade Y Y
- long life carbide blade guides Y Y
- rip fence Y Y
- mitre guage Y Y
- circle cutting attachment Y Y
- 220-440 or 575/3/60  Y Y
- CSA electrical approval, with fuses, low voltage controls, magnetic contactor with overload in a rear cabinet for easy service, with a door disconnect.,  emergency stop switch Y Y
- latching door interlock switches for added safey. O O
- keyed lockout switch Y Y
- optional blade welder with grinder and shear, machine or bench mounted
    when ordered the welder somes with shear and grinder
- simple set of service tools Y Y
- operator manual y y

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