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Vertical bandsaws, toolroom bandsaws
block and plate saws
and Blade Welders: Stocked in Canada

We have 14" and 20" saws and blade welders coming in for stock in January

Fuho produces 4 series of bandsaws
1)  standard VBS models in 14", 16", 20" 26" and 36" throat
2) E series with electric power table feeds
3) H series,  VBS2012  larger tables, more powerful motors, generally heavier
4) heavy block and plate saws with 4400 lb table load and 48" power feed
Made in Taiwan since 1967
We stock parts for models that we sell.

Fuho vertcial bandsaws 14, 16, and 20 inch throat depth
VBS-1408 with 14" with 14" throat

VBS-1610   with 16" throat

VBS-2012  with 20" throat

Variable speed drives

Manual feed
Fuho 14" vertical bandsaw            Fuho 16" vertical bandsaw
VBS-1408-E with 14" throat

VBS-1610-E with 16" throat

14" and 16" throats

Electric controlled 12" power feeds

With blade speeds to 3,280 FPM
Fuho die makers bandsaws
VBS-2012-H with 20" throat

VBS-2613 with 26" throat

VBS-3612 with 36" throat

Tool Room and Die Makers band saws
20", 26" and 36" throats

With blade speeds to 5000 FPM

Manual feed
Fuho 26" vertical bandsaw
VBS-2012-HE  with 20" throat

VBS-2613-E with 26" throat

VBS-3612-E with 36" throat

with electric power table feed
Fuho 48" block and plate saw
Block and Plate Saw

FBS-1200 with 20" throat and 48" table feed

Heavy duty saw with hydrualic
table feed

4,400 lb table load.
fuho saw blade welders
Fuho bandsaw
blade welders 

4 models from 2mm to 25mm
4 models from 1/8" to 1"

Download the cataglogue
the new paint scheme for Fuho saws
Here is a preview of the new paint scheme for
the Fuho saws. Our stock machines will have this.
The off-white and green paint is optional.
Click for a larger image