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Vertex Slotting Head
A slotting attachment for mounting on your milling machine,
gantry / plano mill or custom machine

Tarng slotting attachment
Slotting Attachments  /  Heads
Slotting stroke
125mm / 5"
Speed range
35, 54, 79, 112, 160 strokes per minute
3/4 Hp
Built in lubrication system
Hardened and ground ram slideways
Available for direct mount, adaptor mount or Bridgeport flange mount as pictured below
As of May 2020 the price is approx $ 6,475.
The price does not include any switchgear or wiring which will be required
according to the machine it is fittled / integrated to.

The type B mounting flange for Bridgeport style mills is $ 630.

Delivery is abouit 8 weeks ex factory and can be brought in with our next container of machines or by air express.

mounts and adaptors for slotting heads
Direct mount
Adaptor Flange
Bridgeport flange

drawings for mill flanges for the Tarng slotting head