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Shanghai Z-5040-VF    1.58" Variable spee drill press
Shanghai Z-5040-VF Variable Speed Drill with Power Feeds and Semi-automatic Tapping Cycle

  Drilling capacity 1.58" 40 mm
Tapping capacity 1.06 " M27
Diameter of column 6.32" 160 mm
Spindle travel 7.11" 180 mm
Distance spindle axis to column 14.23" 360 mm
Max.Distance spindle nose to table 23.6" 600 mm
Max.Distance spindle nose to base 47.43" 1200 mm
Spindle taper MT4
Spindle speed range 40 ~ 2,000 RPM
Number of spindle speeds variable speed
Spindle feeds 4
Feed rates 4, 8, 12 and 16
thou / rev
0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4
mm / rev
Worktable surface 20" x 15 " 510 × 380 mm
Adjustment of worktable 16.54" 420 mm
Base surface 17" x 17.3" 450 × 440 mm
Worktable and base T-slots 2-14mm and 2-18mm
Main motor - 2 speed 4 Hp 3 Kw
Coolant motor 1.6 US GPM 6 L / min
Net Weight 1,518 Lb. 690 Kg.

Shanghai Haixin Z5040 VF variable speed drill
  • Variable speed electronic drive
  • Digital spindle speed display
  • Digital drilling depth display ( electronic verier built in ) trips feed in drilling and reverses the spindle in tapping cycles
  • Four power feeds actuated by pushbuttons in each feed lever, engaged by electromagnetic clutch. with release built into the depth gauge.
  • Semi-automatic tapping cycle. Spindle runs forward to tap and reverses when the pushbutton in the feed lever is pushed, then reverses again at the top of the stroke,ready for the next hole.
  • Worktable can be rotated ±180°and tilted ±45°
  • Both motor-driven and manually operated lifting system of worktable.
  • Coolant system
  • Adjustable depth stop with inch and metric scales
  • Table has double acting linked clamps with safety interlock to power elevation
  • Drill speed chart for iron and steel on faceplate
  • Drill chuck guard with built in switch to CE standards
  • Available with 600/3/60 electrics, CSA approved, and 230/3/60
  • Standard equipment includes a MT4-3, MT4-2 and MT2-1 sleeves, drift, anchor bolts and manual.
  • Built in worklight
  • CE, CSA, UL approved main electrical components
  • Ideal choice for single piece, small batch and mass production for drilling, counter boring, reaming, tapping, spot facing etc.
table elevation device on floor drill
Table elevation is motor driven

digital vernier for depth control of drilling cycle
Built in digital vernier trips power feed in
drilling cycles and reverses spindle in tapping