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Many of the links on this page are active at this time.  We will be uploading the documents soon.

Trademarks Models Comments
Anilam Controls 1100 Mill controls  
  1200 Lathe controls  
  1400 Mills controls  
  3200 and 3300 Mills controls  
  4200 Lathe controls  
  5300 Mill controls  
  6300 Mill Controls  
Topwell / HH Roberts Knee Mills 3-VK and 4-VK CNC available soon
  5-VK CNC available soon
  5-VK CNC available soon
  5-BVK CNC on line,   sold as Yamazen, Hurco and Topwell
  5-BVKS CNC use 5-BVK manual above for all parts except the table and saddle
for the table and saddle see the BED MILLS section below and use
TW-32-Q.   Ballscrew and servo motor mounts evolved significantly so contact us for correct configuration.
  TW-xx-GL CNC with 3300 on line
  TW-xx-GL CNC with 5300 on line
SEM Servo Motors MT- series DC motors brushes, caps and tachogenerators in stock. but they are getting hard to get.
Topwell / HH Roberts bed mills and machining centers TW-96 and TW-32 ( large combined book ) on line
  TW-32 with GL Vector Drive Head see above
  Quill type machines with Anilam 3300 CNC controls on line
  Quill type machines with Anilam 5300 CNC controls on line
  TW-105-RH on line
  TW-105-TRH on line
  TW-31 series on line
  TW-40 series on line
  BM-40 series on line
  TW-50 series on line
  MV series - all models call
  MV series - electrical drawings on line
HH Roberts / Annyang Lathes 16", 18", and 20" series some customized machines will need additional instructions.
  electrical drawings  
Hatec Magazine Bar Feeder Model AM-90 some parts in stock
1 used AM-90 in stock
Cyclematic Lathes CT-1118 Toolroom CNC lathe not on lne, call us
  CT-606 Gang tooling CNC lathe not on line call us
Dah Lih Machining Centres we have one X axis ballscrew for Dah Lih 1020 machining center not on line
Pragati Turrets parts and instructions for CNC lathe Turrets call
Yamazen CNC Knee Mill
Model 5-BVK
with Fanuc or Allen-Bradley controls These machines were made by Topwell.  We have many parts in stock
The parts list are not on line yet. 
THK Linear ways we have a set of THK linear ways in stock call us
Lio Shing lathe turrets Lio Shing LS-120, LS160 and LS240 turret parts   we have some parts in stock, call for a parts list