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Now 2 H/V models to choose from:
- the original TW-43-HV  43" X axis
- the new TW-40-HV with 16" rotary table built in

The original  43"  X x 24" Cross x 32" Vertical
with optional rotary table.

Topwell TW-43-HV horizontal vertical machining center with Heidenhain 530i control
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The new version with 400mm rotary table built in and heavier
construction overall. With Fanuc CNC

the new Topwell TW40-HV horizontal/vertical machining centre

to download the new HV-400 catalog click here
• 2 spindles

• 2 toolchangers

• 48 tools

• 5 sides of a workpeice in 1 setup

• AND all for less capital investment than you're thinking.
Work on 5 sides of a part in one set up when equipped with a rotary table.

• X axis travel 43"
• Both heads travel 32" vertically • Horizontal spindle has a 6" stroke.
• Twin toolchangers, 24 tools for each spindle.
• Available as a horizontal machine only
• Available with or without tool changers.
• Available open or fully enclosed.
The HH Roberts Horizontal Vertical machining center with full enclosure fitted

The HH Roberts horizontal vertical machining center with rotating and tilting table giving it 6 1/2 axes.
An H / V -43 in our shop just prior to shipping. This model is 6 1/2 axes driven by the Heidenhain 530i control.
1) X axis
2) Y axis
3) vertical head
4) horizontal head
5) table rotation
6) table tilt
6 1/2) quill extension of the horizontal spindle.
The two pictures below show an H/V with the carousel tool changer on the vertical spindle. The horizontal spindle is shown at the top and bottom of it's 32"+ travel. For facing off a block, the center line of the horizontal spindle will go below the surface of the table.
The vertical spindle has the same 32" travel. 

This gives the relatively small machine with some large capacities.
Quick link to a graphic illustrating the capacities of this machine

The HH Roberts horizontal vertical machining center with horizontal spindle in the high and extended position