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Topwell 3-RG and 4-RG
feature our 4 1/2 Hp vector drive head, spindle speeds to 6000 rpm, The heads are available in your choice of direct drive of back geared. 10" x 50" table, 32" x 16" travels, turcite on bottom of saddle. Power feed on X is standard.
The 3-GL has dovetail ways on the knee and column.
The 4-GL
has a wider saddle and knee with box ways on the knee and column

Available 220/1/60, 220 and 440/3/60
Topwell 2VS and 3VS bridgeport style milling machines
Topwell 3VS:
A Bridgeport clone but with a slightly modernized looking head

9" x 42" and 49" table, 3 Hp vari-disk drive head.  Dovetail ways.

Available 220/1/60 and
220-440 and 575/3/60
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HH Roberts / Topwell 5-GL turret mill with 7 1/2 Hp drive
Topwell 5-RG

Our most popular mill.

  7 1/2 to 15  Hp vector drive head, # 40 Cat or BT tooling. 12" x 50" table, 32" x 16" travels, Turcite on X and Y. Power feed on X is standard

Your choice of back geared or direct drive heads.  Both offer 6,000 rpm top speed.

Available 220/1/60, 220, and 440/3/60
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Topwell 5VF knee type milling machine
Topwell 5-VF has the same vector drive head as the GL mentioned above, but includes, ballscrews on X and Y, CNC style servo motors on X and Y giving full variable speed feeds, rapid traverse on all 3 axes, telescopic steel cover for Y axis ways in front of the saddle, and digital readout is standard

Available 220/1/60, 220, and 440/3/60.

The VF series is available in 4-VF and 5-VF sizes as well as a number of bed mills
Eastar 4HKV milling machine
Eastar 4-HKV Mill
budget priced with # 40 taper
Topwell 5-VK 5 Hp milling machine
Topwell 5-VK
The same machine frame as the 5-RG and 5-VF above, but with a traditional variable speed head with vari-disk drive.
Topwell 5A-VF large knee mill with 40 inches travel
Topwell 5A-RG
with 40" x 22" travels
13" x 59" or 18" x 59" table

with Huron style head

with quill head

Horizontal mill with universal Huron
style head
Accutech Mills

top quality made in Taiwan

Slotting heads for Bridgeport type mills