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Mega BS250 and BS300 fully automatic horizontal bandsaws Mega:
BS-250-HAS and GA
BS-300-HAS and GA

10" and 12" Double Vise Automatic Scissors style horizontal bandsaw. Available with CNC on GA models.
CNC panel of the Mega Bs250-HAS bandsaw
CNC Option

Mega 250 automatic bandsaw capacity chart
Meag BS-300-HAS automatic bandsaw cutting capacity chart
Each square = 1"

BS - 250 GA.HAS
BS - 300 GA.HAS
Cutting Capacities
Ø260mm    rect. 300 x 180    rect  280x250
Ø10.23";    12" x 7"      11" x 10"
Ø330mm    rect.  350 x 250    square 300 x 300
Ø13"  rect.  13" x 10"   rect.    12" x 12"
Bundle Cutting
 200 x 140mm
 8" x 5 1/2"
 250 x 165mm
 10" x 6 1/2"
Blade Size
32 x 3660 x 1.1mm
1 1/4" x 144"  x 42 thou
32 x  3820mm x 1.1mm
1 1/4" x 150" x 42 thou
Blade Speed
Standard       25, 32, 42, 55, 70, 80 M/min        Optional Variable speed 20 - 80 FPM
Optional        82,105, 138, 180, 230, 260 M/min      Optional Variable speed  65-260 FPM
Blade 3 Hp, Hydraulics 1 Hp,  Coolant 1/8 Hp
Blade 5 Hp, Hydraulics 1 Hp,  Coolant 1/8 Hp
Shipping Volume
2,040 x ,2012 x 1,500
80" x 79 " x 60"
2,110 x 2,055 x 1,600
83" x 81" x 63"
Weight  Net / Gross
1,220 /,1440 Kgs
2,685 / 3,190 Lbs
1,300 / 1,550 Kgs
2,860 / 3,410 Lbs

Standard features:
•  Precise cut off length setting.
•  Auto head-elevation and quick approach control.
•  Nesting fixture device for bundle cutting.
•  Cutting piece counter with auto-shut-off.
•  Multiple stroke counter for long pieces.( Standard 9- Time,)
•  Power-driven blade cleaning brush and coolant cleaning flush hose.
•  ldle wheel motion detector.
•  Carbide and roller blade guides.
•  Shuttle vise back-jaw feed method.( no need for front stop )
•  Unique split machine vise allows cutting to within as little as 2" of
      bar end automatically.(except HA models)
•  Unique two-way vise jaw
Standard Equipment:
•  Tools with tool box 1 set
•  7 ft (2M)long roller table with vertical rollers 1 set
•  Band-Cleaning wire brush 2 pcs
•  Band saw blade 1 pce
•  Instruction Manual 1 copy
•  Automatic chip conveyor.
•  Variable blade-speed drive.
•  Variable vise pressure system.
•  Hydraulic blade tension.
•  Additional spare roller table, wire brush, saw blade, work-area light, etc.

MEGA AUTOMATIC HORIZONTAL BANDSAWS QUALITY DESIGN - Skilful engineering and imaginative design give every MEGA Band Saw exceptional cutting capacity.

• A completely automatic cutting cycle synchronised with an automatic bar feed mechanism and stock
      clamping action provide accurate repetitive cutting.
• An excellent blade tensioning system and guides keep the blade aligned and under constant load at all times
• A hydraulically controlled cutting feed maintains a constant cutting rate regardless of the workpiece cross
• A power-driven brush continually flushed by a cutting fluid spout keeps the blade and saw guides free of
      chips for smoother cutting.
• A quick approach and normal feed rate selector are equipped to cause the blade to quickly descend into
• A "Cutting Piece Counter" is used to preset the number of cuts required during automatic operation.
• Two hydraulically operated vises, one a fixed front vise, the other an indexable travelling vise in the rear side.
• The hydraulically operated nesting fixture is designed for high production multiple sawing of stacked bars,
      small rounds and tubes. The fixture contains vertical cylinders mounted on the index and front vises. It holds
      stacked work firmly to prevent vibration.
• A cutting length presetting device is built into the saw to preset the required cutting length of a workpiece
      during automatic operation. It is simply operated by means of a read-out digital device.
• Multiple stroke Preset Counter: when a cutting length of more than 16 is required, the number of strokes can
      be preset on this counter. The counter is capable of being set to a maximum of nine strokes 144 "

SAFETY DESIGN - Every MEGA Band Saw is factory equipped with
• Safety and thermal overload switches.
• Well guarded blades and wheel covers.
• Saw Blade shuts off automatically when cutting is complete.
• Low voltage & zero voltage controls.
• A blade breakage sensor/motion detector provides automatic shutoff

A convenient digital readout control located at the operator's station provides easy selection of precise bar length requirement. The digital readout is calibrated in 0.10 mm or 0.01 IN increments and can be repositioned without interrupting the cutting cycle.
precision length cutting device on Mega automatic bandsaws
Raising the blade higher than necessary to clear the work for the next cut wastes time Head elevation is controlled automatically and no longer requires the operator's attention. A control device that senses the size of the workpiece permits the saw head to raise just high enough so the blade clears the work. This reduces index cycling time significantly.
controller for rapid approach and head elevation control on Mega automatic bandsaws
The hydraulically operated nesting fixture is designed for high-production multiple sawing of stacked bars. small rounds and tubing. The fixture contains vertical cyinders mounted on the index and front vises. lt holds stacked work firmly to assure accurate cuts and prevent center bars from turning.
Nesting fixture ( bundling attachment) on Mega automatic bandsaws
The cutting piece counter is used to preset the number of cuts required on automatic operation. When the counter reaches the preset number the saw automatically stops. The multiple stroke counter makes it possible to multiply the number of index cycles when pieces longer than 400 mm (16 in.) are required
parts and  multiple stroke counter on Mega automatic bandsaws
For the replacement of the saw blade or the repositioning of the guide arms. two levers are incorporated in the saw guides to allow these operations to be carried out quickly and efficiently. (standard on 460/550 models) (optional on other models)
The device not only can protect the saw blade from damage if the blade overloads during cutting. but will also shutoff the machine if the blade should break.
idle wheel rotation detector for automatic stopping when blade breaks
During operation of the saw, the correct tension is automatically maintained. the tension is reduced when the saw is shut-off This procedure greatly increases blade life.
Hydraulic blade tension on Mega automatic bandsaws
Materials are firmly clamped on both sides of the saw blade by twin vices. Operating a single switch provides manual or automatic clamping and unclamping materials. These unique twin vices allow automatic bar feed and cutting to within as little as 50 mm of bar end
quick adjusting vises on Mega automatic bandsaws
Both vise jaws on the rear work-carriage are actuated simultaneously, opening or closing, instead of the traditional one that is fixed on one side, moveable on another. This particular design ensures accurate indexing even with warped stock.
split vice for cutting to withing 50mm of the end of the bar stock on Mega automatic bandsaws

GA NC control CNC control, vari-speed drive and Amplifying valve contol panels on Mega automatic bandsaws
Automatic chip conveyor
A power driven brush keeps the saw teeth free of chips. Rotating screw shaft in the coolant return drains chips of cutting fluid and propels dry chips by auger conveyor out through a discharge chute.
CHIP AUGER for Mega automatric bandsaws
Variable blade-speed drive.
Variable vise pressure system.
variable vise pressure system
Amplifying valve for auto-adjusting cutting feed-rate.
Amolifying valve for Mega automatic bandsaws
• Extra long 3.3M Power Roller Table
• Mitre cutting device
• Beam light to show blade cutting line.

ALL MEGA NC cut off machine GA series have been sellers since their introduction
For all models input length and number of cuts data into the incorporated microcomputer with the easy-to-use keyboard, and the work pieces will be automatically cut into the pre-set lengths and the required numbers ( up to 9 different courses available ) Special features for all Mega GA series bandsaws:

1. Five-course setting of length & number of cuts. Cut-off length and the number of cuts can be set in five courses by simple key opertion, Total five courses cutting data are shown on the LED display at the same time.The current number of cuts is indicated by blinking signal lights.

2. Automatic kerf loss compensation. The microcomputer permits automatic setting of multiple index including kerf loss in long- length cutting. No need for troublesome calculating procedure.

3. Automatic fault finding ( err, signals ). The sophisticated self diagnosis system constantly monitors the internal state of the computer. Should a failure occur, machine operation will be stopped and the error number of the defective position is indicated.