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used Drill Presses and Radial Arm Drills

used Erlo TCA25 1" geared head power feed drill with coolant
in our shop now being prepared for sale. Picture coming soon
link to the new machine picture and specs
used Magnum bench drill   110/1/60   $ 140.
used King 22" floor drill  110/1/160   $ 850. #4 MT, 3/4" chuck, 12 speeds
used Mecof radial drill with preselect head and tilt table
used Havlik radial arm drill

used King 22" 12 speed drill
   1 Hp   110/1/60
MT4. 3/4" chuck
$ 850.

used Havlik 4 foot radial drill
MT5  12 pre-select speeds 50 to 2240 rpm
6 power feeds, box table

Used Mecof 25PR radial drill
with pre-select spindle speeds / feeds
and tilting box table
The picture was taken as it came in the door.  Needs cleanup.

drilling capacity 30 mm
spindle # 4 MT
travel on arm  22"
quill diameter 74mm
12 preselect spindle speeds 46 to 2190 rpm
6 feeds