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Used manual milling machines
used TOS FA5H horizontal mill with vertical head  SOLD

used Mechanichy horizontal mill with universal head and universal table # 50 spindle

used Argo 2V milling machine with digital readout
used Jarbe F-1 horizontal universal milling machine
used Bridgeport mill with our upgraded electronic head
used Beaver PAL milling machine w Heidenhain DRO
used Beaver mill
used Induma mill ( Bridgeport style made in Italy )
used Excello mil with Anilam digital readout  SOLD
used Excello mil with slotting attachment SOLD
used Milwaukee 5H Vertical mill
used Victoria #2 Vertical Mill
used Huron style Guilin mill

Used Argo 2VS mill with readout

R-8 spindle 42" table, Anilam readout.
1 1/2 Hp   550 Volt
Stock Picture: this is not a picture of the used machine

Used Induma Mill

table 9 x 42
R-8 spindle
1 1/2 Hp   550 Volt

Used Jarbe F-1 Universal Mill

table 11 x 51
travels approx 38" x 12" x 18"
# 40 spindle
universal swivel table
12 speeds, 50 to 1250 rpm
feeds and rapid on 3 axes
R-8 spindle
1 1/2 Hp   550 Volt

Used Bridgeport Mill with
our upgraded electronic head

not yet cleaned up and painted

6000 rpm spinde
table 9 x 42
R-8 spindle
power feed on table
1 1/2 Hp   550 Volt


used Mechanicy ( Polish ) mill.
16 x 65 table,600 Volt
#50 spindle

used Beaver PAL milling machine
used Beaver milling machine
with Heidenhain digital readout

used Huron-Guilin ram type milling machine
catalog picture
used Guilin Huron Style milling machine
ram type with #50 spindle, variable feeds
Table 18" x 64"
Travels 40" x 25.6" x 18"
More pictures and detailed specs


used Victoria vertical mill
picture taken in our shop


used Milwaukee 5H vertical mill