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Used manual milling machines
used TOS FA5H horizontal mill with vertical head  SOLD

used Mechanichy horizontal mill with universal head and universal table # 50 spindle

used Argo 2V milling machine with digital readout
used Jarbe F-1 horizontal universal milling machine
used Bridgeport mill with our upgraded electronic head
used Beaver PAL milling machine w Heidenhain DRO
used Beaver mill
used Induma mill ( Bridgeport style made in Italy )
used Darbert / Pheobus Bridgeport style mill
used Excello mil with Anilam digital readout  SOLD
used Excello mil with slotting attachment SOLD
used Milwaukee 5H Vertical mill
used Huron style Guilin mill

Used Argo 2VS mill with readout

R-8 spindle 42" table, Anilam readout.
1 1/2 Hp   550 Volt
Stock Picture: this is not a picture of the used machine

Used Induma Mill

table 9 x 42
R-8 spindle
1 1/2 Hp   550 Volt

Used Jarbe F-1 Universal Mill

table 11 x 51
travels approx 38" x 12" x 18"
# 40 spindle
universal swivel table
12 speeds, 50 to 1250 rpm
feeds and rapid on 3 axes
R-8 spindle
1 1/2 Hp   550 Volt

Used Bridgeport Mill with
our upgraded electronic head

not yet cleaned up and painted

6000 rpm spinde
table 9 x 42
R-8 spindle
power feed on table
1 1/2 Hp   550 Volt


used Mechanicy ( Polish ) mill.
16 x 65 table,600 Volt
- #50 spindle in both horizontal and vertical spindles
- dual operating stations from the front and
rear of the table make it great for facing the back of blocks
Mitutoy 3 axis readout
speed change from the pendant

showing the rear opeator station

used Beaver PAL milling machine
used Beaver milling machine
with Heidenhain digital readout

used Huron-Guilin ram type milling machine
catalog picture
used Guilin Huron Style milling machine
ram type with #50 spindle, variable feeds
Table 18" x 64"
Travels 40" x 25.6" x 18"
More pictures and detailed specs


used Milwaukee 5H vertical mill