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The Verticut Bandsaw / Cut off saw:  
Model 115-C     Standard and Vari-speed in stock

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Baxter Verticut roll in style cut off bandsaw
the standard 115 model

the new electronic variable
speed model
made in Canada logo Made in Canada
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Verticut Bandsaw Specifications 115-C-VS 115-C
Capacity Round (no length limit)
Capacity Round ( maximum 8 1/2" length)
Capacity Round at 45 degrees
Capacity Rectangular
10" x 13"
Rip Cutting Width
Blade Size
1/4" to 3/4" x 10'
Blade Speeds  ( ft / min ) 70 - 350
Blade Tension
30,000 psi
Blade Guides
hardened rollers, groved for 1/2" and 1/4" blades
Table Height
Work Table
1" x 18" x 30" ground
Machine Weight
1,000 lb.
Overall Dimensions
34"w x 48"d x 68"h
Blade 1 Hp
3/4 Hp
Motor Starter electronic drive
Manual starter
Voltage 110/1/60 20 Amp circuit

The Verticut Bandsaw:
can be used as a cut-off saw
can be used as a contour cut as a tool room saw. The standard guides can use 1/4", 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4" blades.
can rip cut unlimited lenghts.  The throat limits cuts to 9"
can notch blocks.  Cut to the depth set up on the depth stop, turn the block and cut to meet the first cut. 
Cuts are at 90° to the table.
heavy duty base for stability and strength
quick adjusting material clamp
foot pedal for carriage movement of 4"  leaves your for hands free to set the workpiece.
graduated scale for depth of cut
miter block allows miter cutting of +/- 45 degrees
c-clamp for clamping of material
adjustable cutting force for cutting of solids or structural shapes
all bearings are totally enclosed and lubricated for life
solid ground table
cast iron wheels
heavy duty cast iron gear box with aluminum bronze worm wheel.  No external gears.
roller guides are grooved allowing use of 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" and 3/4"
material stop for repetitive cutting
C.S.A. Approved
one premium quality 3/4" bandsaw blade
instruction and parts manual casters can be easily fitted to make the saw portable.  Move the saw to the stock!
The King adjustable roller stand will help with longer work stock   Click Here

Roberts Machinery pioneered the roll-in style bandsaw in Canada in the 1950's.   Since then thousands have been sold.  The original design was developed by the Roll-In Saw Co. in Parma, Michingan.  Back when the dollar was near par with the US $, these saws were good value.  In the 1970's Lex Baxter started making a Canadian version with some very significant design improvements.  He eliminated the external gearing which was exposed to chips that caused the gears to wear fast.  The exchange rate changed and now the Baxter Verticut roll in style say is both superior in design and more attractively priced than the American made saw.