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AnnnYang 27" 35"  and 39" Swing Lathes

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These models are also available with
variable speed drive and constant surface speed Click Here
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More pictures below the specs table

ITEM MODEL DY-680G DY-780G DY-880G DY-980G
Swing Distance between centers 1100 / 1600 / 2000 / 2500 / 3000 / 3500 / 4000 / 5000 / 6000mm
Height of center (over bed) 340mm 390mm 440mm 490mm
Swing over bed 26.77"
Swing over cross slide 17.3"
Over gap swing 38.1" x 19"
970 x 482mm
42.1" x 19"
1070 x 482mm
46" x 19"
1170 x 482mm
50" x 19"
1270 x 482
Bed Bed width 18"
Headstock Spindle nose ASA A1-11 or D1-11
Spindle bore 4.13" or optionally 6.1"
105mm / 155mm(opt)
Spindle speed (rpm) 12, 20, 29, 40, 55, 85, 120, 175, 300, 445, 650, 1000/
10, 17, 25, 36, 47, 70, 100, 150, 245, 370, 540, 800
Number of spindle speed 12 steps
Feeds- Thread Leadscrew Ø45 mm. or 1 3/4 T.P.I.
Number of feed changes 28
Longitudinal feed range 0.05~0.7 mm/rev
Cross feed range 0.025~0.35mm/rev
Inch threads 36 kinds, 2~28 T.P.I.
Metric threads 65 kinds, 0.8~14mm
D.P no./range 4-56 (36)
Module pitch no/range 0.5-7 (22)
Tool slide Cross slide travel  340mm 390mm 440mm 490mm
Compound rest travel 240 mm
Tailstock Spindle travel 210mm
Spindle diameter 105mm
Taper of center MT#6
Motor Main motor 15HPX4P, 20HPX4P
Rapid feed motor 1/4HP
Coolant pump 1/8HP
Machine Length (mm) 1100x2700  1600x3200  2000x3700
2500x4200  3000x4700  3500x5200
4000x5700  5000x6700  6000x7700
Width (mm) 1240
Height (mm) 1400 1450 1500 1550
N.W. (kg) 1100x3300  1600x3600  2000x3900
2500x4200  3000x4500  3500x4800
4000x5100  5000x6300  6000x6600
G.W. (kg) 1100x3450  1600x3800  2000x4150
2500x4500  3000x4850  3500x5200
4000x5600  5000x7000  6000x7300
Packing size (L) 1100x2800  1600x3350  2000x3850
2500x4440  3000x4870  3500x5370
4000x5870  5000x6870  6000x7880
Packing size (W) 1660mm
Packing size (H) 1650mm 1700mm 1750mm 1800mm
Above specifications are subject to change without notice. Special requirement please connect with us.

showing the one piece bed casting on annnyang lathes another view of the one piece bed casting
and another view of the single piece bed
The above pictures show the solid one piece casting style used on
Annn Yang lathes.  Click the image for a larger view.

The apron on the Annn Yang 680 variable speed lathe
Above shows the apron with optional leadscrew covers.
large bore spindle and mounting plate for a rear chuck
Preparation for a rear chuck is avaiable.  This photo shows the backplate for the chuck mounted on the spindle.