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Cyclematic Precision Toolroom Lathe CTL-618-EVS.

Photo of the Cyclematic CTL-618-EVS electronic variable speed drive precision toolroom lathe built on a Hardinge style dovetail bed
This is the CTL-618-EVS Electronic Variable Speed . This is a clone of the Hardinge HLV-H. We fit the same family of vector drives into this machine as we use on our CNC machines.

These are available with spindle speeds having top speeds of 4,000 or 6,000 rpm. This model has thread cutting and electric variable speed feeds on the carriage.

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Headstock and electronic variable speed control on the cyclematic CTL-618 precision toolroom lathe
  In this picture the lathe is shown with an Anilam Digital Readout.  This special version of the readout give us a tool file for tool length offsets. The readout can also be couple to the spindle drive and using the same algorithms as a CNC lathe you get Constant Surface Speed.

The current Acu-Rite readouts now have LCD screens with graphics. Colour and program save with upload and download are also available.

This class of lathe is renown for precision work.   Now with constant surface speed you can also make parts with superior surface finish.


With Chuck Over Carrage
150  mm
 With Chuck Over  Bed
152 mm
With Expanding Collets
76 mm
With Round 5C Collets
27 mm
With Hexagon 5C Collets
22 mm
With Step Chucks
27 to 152.4 mm
1-1/16" to 6" 
Spindle Nose Diameter
55.6 mm
Spindle Nose I.D/O.D
5C - 10° / external 4° Taper
Spindle Speeds (Variable)
0-4000 R.P.M.
Optionally to 6,000 rpm
may be limited by chuck
Inverter Spindle Motor
3  HP
optionally 5 Hp
Hole Through Spindle
31.75 mm
Bar stock diameter (5C collet)
27 mm
Hole through spindle
31.75 mm
Distance Between Centers
457 mm
Swing Over Bed
280 mm
Swing Over Carriage
230 mm
Swing Over Cross Slide
152.4 mm
Carriage Power Feed Range
8~178 mm
5/16" ~ 7"
Cross Slide Power Feed Range
5~102 mm
3/16" ~ 4*
Cross Slide Travel
152.4 mm
Quick-action Compound Slide Travel
2.5 mm
Compound Slide Travel
76 mm
Coolant Pump
D.C. Feed Motor
220V , 70W

Power Supply

230/3/60 or 220/1/60

Tailstock Spindle Travel
95 mm
Range of Threads in Gear Box
11-108 per inch
Number of Thread Changes
36 Metric
36 Inch
Net  Weight (approx)
1010  kgs
2,220 lbs.
Machine dimensions (L x W x H)
1850 x 750 x 1700 mm
73" x 30" x 67"