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Topwell 3-GL and 4-GL CNC Knee Mills
2 to 5 Axis

All these models are available with Anilam, Acu-rite Millpwr,
Fanuc, Fagor and Mitsubishi CNC

6,000 RPM, direct drive or back geared heads.

24" or 32" X 15" travels

4 1/2 Hp vector drive head

R-8, # 30, Cat-V-40, BT-40 spindles

The 4-GL looks almost the same as the 3-GL when fully assembled, but the 4-GL has a wider saddle (22" ) for better support and has box ways on the cross slide and column that give considerably more surface area of the slideway.

Available with your choice of direct belt drive or optional back  geared head giving speeds of 15 to 750 RPM in low and 100 to  6,000 in high.
Topwell 4-GL CNC Knee Mill with Anilam 3300 Control
The 4-GL 3 axis CNC knee mill with standard table
and table end tray.
Topwell 4-GL CNC Knee mill with Anilam 5300 Control
4-GL 3 axis CNC knee mill with space saver table.
this is an older photo with the Anilam CNC
This new table and motor mount with floorspace saving design is available with a standard or shorter table and has the X axis motor mounted in front of the table, under the black chip guard The shorter 42" table version saves 22" of floor space and still approx. 24" of X axis travel.  With the 50" x 12" full size table the travel is about 32" and saves about  11" of floor space.  This series was developed for colleges that have limited floor space

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Topwell 4-GL-CNC mill with Acu-rite millpwr 3 axis CNC control The Acu-rite CNC control is one of the easiest on the world to learn and use.  This pictue shows a 3 axis system.  The quill kit has a patented clutch release so the operator can uncouple the ballscrew and drive to use the quill manually with the lever control.

This picture shows a machine done up with all the bells and whistles including
- air power draw bar
- telescoping guards on the Y axis
- table end tray on the left side of the table
- special Italian handwheels on X and with folding
- chip pan and splash guard
- manual pulse generator
- Y axis motor mounted inside the knee

Table surface
12" x 42"
short table version
12" x 50"
X axis stroke
Stationairy distance Left to right with end tray design
62 3/4"
70 3/4"
Floor space for full X axis stroke with end tray design
86 3/4"
102 3/4"
Stationairy distance Left to rignt with space saving design
51 1/2"
59 1/2"
Floor space for full X axis stroke with space saving design
75 1/2"
91 1/2"
Spindle power ( intermittent duty cycle )
4 1/2 Hp
Spindle taper
R-8, #30 or # 40
# 30 and 40 spindles can be
configured for Cat-V or BT tools
Spindle speeds - direct drive head
75 to 6000 rpm
Spindle speeds - optional back geared head
15 to 750 and
100 to 6,000

Available with:
Acu-rite logo
Acu-rite millpwr logo

HH Roberts now offers the Acu-Rite Millpwr CNC control. This has to be the easiest CNC to run, program and make money with.