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Developement of the Topwell TW-L High Speed Machining Centers.

Topwell TW-24-L in our showroom with Anilam 6000 CNC and Spidercool programmable coolant nozzle
Here is a picture of the latest TW-24-L in our showroom.  It has new larger opening of the front doors, chip blower, washdown gun and the Spidercool programable coolant nozzle.  Note the handy storage on and below the operator console. This one also has a chip auger and cart. The 24 tool arm type toolchanger is also optional.

From concept TWL-16mockup 16", 18"  20" ?????
3 Hp, 5 Hp, 7 1/2 Hp. ???????
To design TWL-autocad Autocad inventor construction of the TW18L
  TWL-table-pix Patterns made and castings poured in late December, machined and assembly started in January '05
To components Headstocks of the Topwell TW-18L Column casting after machining for the Topwell TW-18L
  milling head castings
column casting just after machining
  The Topwell TW-18L base, table and saddle assembly The base casting of the TW-18L being weight.
    Base casting being weighed in at 735 Kg net ( 1617 lbs )
  TWL-18-base-assy TWL-18-base-front
  Base, saddle and table assembly viewed from rear. Ballscews will be going on, then the column will be fitted. Base, saddle and table assembly viewed from front.

No steel plate or weldments on this one !!

Go to page 2 to see the assembled machine.

To machine

February 3/05:  They have been assembled, packed and are en route to us now. Click here to see the assemblies on page two.

  Download the catalogue on linear way models

Download the catalogue on box way models

Download the catalogue on travelling column models

Travels ( X x Y x Z ) 18" x 16" x 16" 24" x 18" x 16"
Table Size 22" x 16" 38" x 18 "
Spindle motor 7 1/2 Hp continuous / 10 Hp intermittent
Spindle tooling Cat-V 40 or BT-40
Spindle speeds 8,000 rpm standard.  6,000, 10,000, 12,000, and to 24,000 optional
Rapid traverse rate 1400 IPM
Contouring feed rates with the new Anilam 6000i
3 axis contouring up to 800 IPM and faster ( program compiling depentant )
with auto accel / decel cornering
Automatic Tool Changer Carousel style, 12 tools standard, 16 tools optional.
  Optional arm type 24 tools.
Pull stud for Cat-V tools
Pull stud for BT tools
Command RB4E-0001 or equivalent
Command RB4M-0001 or equivalent
Spindle nose to table 4" to 20"
Designed table load 300 Kg -  660 lbs
Ballscrews class C3
Ballscrew thrust bearings P4 on both ends of the ballscrew.
Castings Meehanite GA-350
Approx Weight 3,200 Kg    7,050 lb 3,360 Kg     7,400 lbs 
Approximate floor space 76" x 77"
Accuracy +/- .0002"
Repeatability +/- .0001"