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Flat bed and Slant bed CNC lathes and
Turning / Milling lathes with live tooling
Yang SL-12 gang tooling lathe
In stock - Yang SL-12 Gang Tooling lathe
with short magazine bar feed

Feeler FTC-20 CNC slant bed lathe with Anilam 4200 control
In stock with Anilam 4200T Control,
10" chuck, 8 station turret, slant bed.

Dalian flat bed CKE CNC lathes

Several sizes now in stock with your choice of
Anilam or Fanuc controls.
Cyclematic CJ-27 gang tooling cnc lathe
Cyclematic CJ-27 CNC gang tooling lathe, shown without chip enclosure
The chip enclosure is the same as the picture to the right.
Linear ways. .
Cyclematic CT-1118 toolroom CNC lathe with Anilam  4200 control
Convertible:  Gang Tooling / Chucking or work between centers
Cyclematic CT-1118 CNC lathe. 
This is a clone of the Hardinge toolroom lathe with steel dovetail ways.  Shown with optional full enclosure.
Cyclematic CT-A70 slant bed CNC lathe
Introducing the new Cyclematic CT-A70    75 degree slant bed
CNC lathe that can run gang tools and an electric turret on the same slide
Annnyang 16 x 30 CNC lathe with Anilam 4200 control
Annnyang 16" Series,  30, 40 and 60" centers
In Stock
Ann Yang 18" CNC Lathe with Anilam 4200
Annnyang 18" and 20" Series;  34", 50", 60", and 80" centers 3" and 4" bores.
In stock.
Ann Yang 18" CNC lathe with Anilam 4200
Annnyang 20" Series: 34", 50", 60", and 80" centers  3" and 4" bores.
The sliding door show is optional on 16, 18 & 20" lathes.
Annnyang 1200 CNC lathe
AnnnYang lathes
Models up to 100" swing to 50 feet centers
Up to 16" spindle bore

HH Roberts 26" CNC lathe with Anilam 4200
Annnyang 26" x 80" CNC lathe with Anilam 4200T control
HH Roberts 40" CNC lathe with Anilam 4200
Ann Yang 60" x 80" CNC lathe

Fulland 40 inch swing slant bed CNC lathe

Fulland 40" Swing Series Slant bed lathes

Chin Hung
Chin Hung CL-10 and CL-12 Gang tooling lathes with
spindle bore to 3" (75mm)

on a compact machine !