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Used Grinders
We have a good selection of surface grinders from 6" x 12" to 16" x 32"
cylindrical grinders and pedestal grinders|
tool & cutter grinders

  used Brown & Sharpe 612 Micromaster surface grinder
  used Brown & Sharpe 618-H Micromaster hydraulic surface grinder  SOLD
  used Brown & Sharpe 10" x 30" Micromaster hydraulic surface grinder
  used Boyer Schultz surface grinder (2)
  used Perfect 6 x 14 surface grinder ON HOLD, SALE PENDING
  used Norton S3 6 x 18 surface grinder  ( Warner Swasey )
  used Brown & Sharpe #2B surface grinder with 6 x 14 chuck
  used Brown & Sharpe 6 x 12 Surface grinders  220/3/60 (2)
Used tool
& cutter grinders
used Cincinnatti #2 tool and cutter grinder (no pictures yet)
  used Posser double end carbide sharpening grinder
Used Cylindrical Grinders used Jones & Shipman model 1310 universal cylindrical grinder
  used Ford Smith 5 Hp polishing stand

View of 4 of our used surface grinders
The left two machines are Taiwan made grinders
On the right is a Harig H612 Challenger
Behind it is a Boyer Schultz 6 x 12

view of used surface grinders for sale

used Posser EE carbide tool grinder
Used Posser "EE" double end
cementedcarbide grinder

used Posser EE carbide tool grinder
Used Brown and Sharpe 6 x 12 Surface Grinder

used Brown & Sharpe 10 x 30 surface grinder
Used Brown & Sharpe 1030 Micromaster surface grinder
with 10 x 30 permanent magnetic chuck
2" x 14" stone

used Posser EE carbide tool grinder
Used Ford Smith polishing machine