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Open and Enclosed Machining Centres
We define a machining center as a CNC mill with an automatic tool changer.  We also offer many of these same machines without automatic tool changers under our CNC Bed Mill category.

Horizontal - Vertical Universal Machining Centers
HH Roberts Topwll Horizontal Vertical Machining center with Heidenhain control
Our unique patented Horizontal Vertical maching centre shown without enclosure.
Horizontal and vertical spindles  
2 automatic tool changers with 24 tools each
Travels 43" x 32" x 32"

up to 6 1/2 axes
fully enclosed version of our Horizontal vertical machining center
The same horizontal vertical machining centre with a rotating and tilting table, and the Heidendain TCN531i CNC Control

Vertical Machining Centers
Topwell TW-24-L vertical machining center
Topwell TW-24-L
24" x 18" x 20"
vertical machining centre
high speed linear ways
Prices start in the 50's
Topwell TW-40-L vertical Machining center
Topwell TW-40-L
40" x 18" x 20"

and new TW-4021-L
40" x 21" x 20"
vertical machining centres
high speed linear ways
Topwell TW-31-MCO open vertical machining center
Topwell TW-31-MCO
vertical machining centre
31" x 20" x 20"

sturdy box ways
Topwell TW-40-MCO open vertical machining centre

Topwell TW-40-MCO
vertical machining center
40" x 22" x 20"
sturdy box ways
  Topwell TW-50-MCO open vertical machining centre

Topwell TW-50-MCO
vertical machinig centre
50" x 22" x 20"
sturdy box ways
Feeler FV-1000 machining center
Feeler FV-1000
vertical machining centre
40" x 19 " x 20"
Topwell TWH-4025 vertical machining center with Anilam 6000i high speed CNC

Topwell TWH-4025
heavy vertical machining centre
40" x 25" travels
Topwell TW2065 Vertical machiing center with 80 x 26 travesl and linear ways
TW-2065 Vertical Macining center with linear ways
80 x 26 travels
Topwell TWH-5026 Vertical machining center

Topwell TWH-5026
heavy vertical machining centre
50" x 26" travels

Topwell TWH6031MCO vertical machining centre

Topwell TW6031-MCO

vertical machining center
61' x 31" x 24"
massive box ways
Topwell TWH-6031-MCV vertical machining centre

Topwell TWH6031-MCV
vertical machining center
60" x 31" x 24"
massive box ways
Fulland FLG-22 linear way machining centre

Fulland Vertical Machining Centres
22" to 80" and

New Topwell Travelling column Series
TW-2260 Travels 2200 x 620 x 620mm

Topwell TW-3270 Travels 3200 x 720 x 620mm

Bridge / Gantry / Double Column Machining Centers
Fulland 5 face gantry type 5 face machining centers