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Erlo has been building drills for about 45 years in Spain and is now regarded as one of the top builders in the world.
HH Roberts has been their exlcusive agent in Canada since 1967 and has sold thousands of units.
If you have a drilling requirement, Erlo has the solution. From the menu above, select the style to suit your needs.

Erlo drill loga
HH Roberts has been the exclusive Canadian agent
for Erlo since 1967.

If you have a drilling project, Erlo likely has a standard machine for it.  If they don't, they'll make a custom machine for you.
Download the Erlo full catalog

Erlo TS series geared head floor drill press
belt drive drill press

TS series Erlo TSA geared head drill press with automatic feeds
mid range
drill press
some sizes in stock
VE series
Erlo-CHR-18 geared head drill press
variable speed drill presses

TSAR series
Erlo geared head column drill press with automatic feeds
standard floor
drill press

TC and TCA series
Erlo 2" capacity geared head floor drill press with automatic feeds.
heavy duty floor
drill press

BV Series
Erlo production drill press with multi spindle head and automatic cycles.
prismatic column
drill presses

Erlo fixed table mounted geared head drill press
Erlo fixed table geared head drill press with power feed
Erlo multi-spindle gang drill press
Erlo heavy duty gang drill presses
Table mounted models in single head or multiple head configuration drill presses

Erlo milling drilling machine
Erlo custom designed production drilling machines
Erlo custom designed multi spindle drill press with indexing table.
Erlo's automatic tapping cycle attachment for drill presses
Milling / Drilling machines
Specials: this is a horizontal multi head unit drill press.
Special drill press with automatic indexing table
Semi and full auto tapping cycles can be fitted to almost any model

S series
Erlo standard bench drill press
Bench model drill presses
SV series

Erlo bench tapping machine

Variable speed bench model drill presses

Erlo model SHR-18 bench drill press on cabinet base
Leadscrew tapping machines