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Nardini  Sense brake controllers
These parts have been hard to get from Brazil for years. Now we have a substitute in stock.
. Click here

Larger AnnnYang lathes up to 142" swing and 1572" centres
We have added so new pictures of the larger Annnyang lathe. The pictures are of a 50 foot between centers machine with 2 carriages and also a picture ( not so clear ) of a deep hole drilling and boring attachment. Click here

Mega introduces new servo models
Mega servo controlled bandsaw
New 16" and 24" capacity saws with servo controlled downfeed and sensors to control the downfeed for optimum cutting and blade life.
Available in full auto and semi-auto versions.

Annnyang expands it's product line adding oil country lathes with bores up to 26" and more larger lathes up to 3,600mm swing and 1572" centres
chuck on Annnyang lathe     new Annnyang oil country lathe

Retrofit / Upgrade Memory Sticks and Flash Cards for Anilam Controls

For customers with Anilam controls:
We can now update most older controls to read and write to Compact Flash Cards.  We can even set the system to boot from these and eliminate the hard disk drives.   Costs, installed, less than $ 500.  In some areas travel costs will be extra. 

And now we can upgrade the floppy disk drive to a USB thumb drive.  Call Jeremy or Geoff
Strands and Solberga geared head drills  on  120 / 1 / 60
We can now offfer Strands and Solberga geared head drills with single phase electrices

Sheet metal machinery and tools
We have a selection of small sheet metal tools and machines.  Di-Acro 24" hand brake, Chicago 4' box and pan brake, Enco combination roller / shear / hand brake and a 4' Pexto shear.    Details

July 2010
Chenlong bandsaw logo We will be getting stock in soon from the Chenlong bandsaw manufacturers.  These saws are mostly patterned after the Amada machines and are available in a wide range of manual, semi-automatic, CNC and vertical (plate) saws with huge capacity up to 20' cut length

Coated Davis Keyseater Cutters for tough alloys
Keyway cutters can now be ordered with titanium coating to greatly enhance tool life when cutting real tough alloys like high chrome stainless etc

It has been several years since we have offered Strands drill presses.  Once again we will have these beautiful Swedish made drills available. We can offer Strands and Solberga machines.  We have parts in stock for Strands, Solberga and Arboga and can supply parts for IMA and Nider machines, that have many parts in common..   Details

The TopOne mills are patterned after the
Niigata heavy duty milling machines made in Japan some time ago, having the head mounted on a vertically travelling column.   The table has only X and Y travels and can take 800 Kg loads
These machines also have a HURON type head.  Details

We are once again stocking vertical bandsaws and blade welders made by Fuho in Taiwan.  Customers have been requesting an alternative to the Grob saws.  We sold many Fuho saws about 10 years ago.  Details

Topwell has started production of a new series of Travelling Column Vertical machining centers.
These massive machines have travels of 2200mm x 620mm    AND   3200mm x 720mm Details

We have developed a new drive for our Topwell mills and replacement heads with the electronic variable speed drives so they can run directly off 600/3/60 WITHOUT the need for a 220 V to 600 V transformer.   The price of the machines has come down and the cost of installation, without the transformers also goes down. 

Acu-rite 300S logo
Acu-Rite has released a new digital readout for lathes that will provide digital assist to thread cutting.  The new system will be especially useful on cross-over inch/metric machines.  The readout will provide a signal when to engage the half nuts to synchronize cutting of metric threads on an inch lathe or for cutting inch threads on a metric machine - avoiding the need to keep the half nuts engaged and the risk of over-extending the thread.   Details.

Topwell introduces a huge new bed type CNC mill with a quill head.  This machine was developed to specifically to machine the compressor casing of the Rolls Royce Trent series of jet turbines for the airbus. For this application the machine is fitted with a riser block and a tilting rotary table giving 65" capacity under the spindle  DETAILS

Topwell has just announced a new linear way machining center with 40" x 21" travels.  This model will be available with standard ball bearing linear ways or the new roller bearing linear ways.  These new roller bearing linear ways are about 30% more rigid.
Sept 9 / 08
We are really pleased to announce that our efforts to introduce the Shanghai - Haixin geared head drills to the Canadian market has been rewarded with the appointment of HH Roberts as the exclusive Canadian agents. See the drill lineup here

Aug 1 / 08
Anilam and Acu-Rite have announce a new colour LCD digital readout that has full programmability to create, save, upload and download part programs.   We expect to have the first units in stock within a few weeks.
June / 08
Topwell introduces a new HUGE vertical machining center.
Travels 86" x 27" x 24"
with linear ways
Topwell TW2065 80 inch x 26 inch vertical machining center
Topwell TW-2065 Vertical machining center
Click here for more details
Aug / 07
   Acu-rite logo 
Acu-rite Millpwr cnc  logo
HH Roberts and Acu-Rite are pleased to announce that we will now be offering the Acu-Rite Millpwr CNC control systems. These have to be the easiest CNC controls in the world to learn, use and make money with.  We will be offering these both as retrofits to existing machines in the field and on our Topwell machines.. Click Here
July / 07
Dalian has introduced a new 13" and 14" series of small lathes at prices that are astonishing. Starting at $ 6500 these machines come with a 2" spindle bore, Camlock D1-6 spindle and multi-disk clutches. We have a sample coming over now on a rush shipment and a good stock coming shortly after that. Click Here
Oct / 06 
Topwell has just announce a new LEAN and MEAN vertical machining center.  This is targeted for budget minded buyers offering a very attractive price.  See the details here.
Sept / 06 
We have just received out first shipment of Shanghai Haixin geared head drills. These machines will offer a budget priced alternative to the Spanish made ERLO drills that we have sold for many years. Many of the models have electromagnetic feed clutches that are inter-connected to spindle reverse switching to give semi-automatic tapping cycles. They also offer a unique radial arm type drill. See them here

Jan / 06 - SpiderCool Programmable Coolant Nozzle Systems: RETROFITABLE to most machining centers !
One of the problems many CNC machine have is getting coolant aimed accurately at the cutting zone when the machine goes through tool changes and actual position of the cutting zone moves. The Spidercool Programmable Coolant Nozzle system is a solution that can be retrofitted to almost any horizontal or vertical machining center.  The system goes a long way to allowing unattended machining, will improve tool life by getting coolant where it is needed, will speed up machining because the operator will not have to re-aim the nozzles manually ( in some shops safety concerns dictate that machining stop to re-aim the coolant), better surface finish because chips are flushed better. 
Kit costs are about $ 3,500 Cdn.,
Simple installations on carousel type tool changer machines take about a day. 
Standard systems have memory for 99 tools.  Larger memory registers are available for machines with large tool changers.
Click here for details

Jan 05
We are pleased to advise that we have re-established our relationships under the new management at Geminis in Spain. HH Roberts started selling Geminis lathes back in January 1968 and placed many machines into service across Canada. They ranged from 26" swing upwards to a large one put into Collingwood Shipyards at 84" swing and 40 feet between centers.   Many special large spindle bore machines went into service in western Canada but the most remarkable one is working on the east coast, with a 20" spindle bore!  We will be posting a page on these real soon.

Oct 24 / 04
We are pleased to advise that we will be taking on a supply of spare parts for SEM servo motors, direct from SEM,  to be able to provide better in house service for the thousands of users of SEM servo motors on our machines and others.
Sept 14 / 04
After a visit to Chicago IMTS with our long time mill suppliers, Topwell, we have started development of a true competitive model to the Haas Mini-Mill. The target machine will have 16" x 14" x 14" travels with 18". It will have linear slideways and rapid traverse rates of 1,400 IPM, and a 12 station automatic tool changer. It will be all cast Meehanite construction.  We expect the first machine frames will start to come this way around the end of the year.

June / 04

we have installed the first of our Horizontal Vertical machining centers in Gaspe, Que with the new Heidenhain TNC 530i high speed control.