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Need Strands Drill parts, we have the parts manuals on line
We also have manuals for Arboga, Ima, Solberga and Nider on the same page

500 x 400mm tables are now standard.
Strands S28 geared drill press
Swedish made quality.

With the new workplace safety standards in effect we recommend the chuck gaurd option.
Machines we are stocking will have the chuck guard with interlocking micro-switch. See below.
Strands S-30
geared head drill press.
M version has power feeds  
drilling capacity in steel
30 mm
tapping capacity
320 mm
distance spindle to table
130 - 890 mm
distance spindle to base
floor model
bench model

1015 - 1235 mm
60 - 584 mm
1.5  /  2 Hp
1.1 / 1.5 Kw
spindle stroke
spindle taper
MT 3
spindle speeds
8 from 90 - 3610
feeds on S28M 0.004 , 0.006,  0.009,  0.012 i/rev
0.10,  0.15, 0.22, 0.30 mm/rev
16" x 20"
400 x 500mm
optional table 20 x 24"
600 x 500 mm
floor moderl without / with power feeds
bench model without / with power feeds

235 / 260 kg
175 / 195 Kg

Note table is now 400 x 500 as standard

drill guard to CE standards

Optional chuck guards to CE standards.

These are becoming manditory under many porvincial safety codes.


The machines we are ordering for stock will have the chuck guard with interlocking limit switch.

chuck guard
telescoping chuck guard
microswitch interlock on chuck guard
coolant system
foot switch for reversing in tapping
foot switch for simple start / stop
foot switch to run only when depressed
milling tables
threaded spindle to hold milling collet chucks
flanged spindle to hold multi-spindle drill heads
table with 90 degree T-slotted surface
dimensions of the Strands S28 drills
Catalogue Downloads
S-25 series English  (current)  
S-25-T English not available
S-28 series 30mm cap English  (current)  
S-35 series English  (current)  
S-40 series English  (current)  
General Catalogue English, French, German     Note table size is now 400 x 500)
includes mill / drill combination machines.