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Introducing the new Acu-Rite TurnPwr control for lathes. the new Turn-Pwr CNC lathe control
Larger AnnnYang lathes up to
142" swing up to 1572" centers

Annnyang has added new models of the " swing lathe. The pictures are of a 50 foot between centers machine with 2 carriages and also a picture ( not so clear ) of a deep hole drilling and boring attachment. Click here

set up for deep hole drilling.
note the person standing under the chuck.
June 2015
We are now stocking the new  Acu-Rite Millpwr G2 CNC control.  Currently we have a Topwell TW-32 built up in the showroom.
Acu-Rite G2 CNC control

Feb 2013

Our own 8500 lb Clark fork lift truck is being offered for sale. 202" lift. Propane, excellent tires. Low hours. Used as a backup to our bigger truck.  See USED

January 2012

Topwell introduces new catalogs for both their heavy box way way machining centers and linear way machining centers
and their travelling column machining centers
Mega heat exchanger saw
Mega, our automatic bandsaw supply for more than 25 years, has introduced a new giant bandsaw to cut tube sheets in heat exchanger.
Capacity 1300mm to 3000mm

We are stocking Mitee-Bite fixturing and clamping tools.  Mitee-Bite has a wide range of modular workholding systems that can reduce the time needed to make fixtures.  There are dozens of styles.   We have stock of the most popular types.   Inch and metric sizes are available.
Mitee-Bite clamp set

Cyclematic has developed a new small gang tooling lathe for use with 5C collets called the CP-27-CNC..

Updated in 2011 to new model CJ27
the Cyclematic CJ27 CNC lathe

We are now offering Strands and Solberga drill presses.  Swedish made quality known around the world.
Details on Stands drills.

Details on Solberga drills
Strands drill logo

It has been many years since we have sold our first Fuho bandsaws and we have now updated our web site to included these economical saw.  Sizes from 14" to 36" throats.  Prices include welders, rip fence, miter gauge etc.   Details.
Fuho 14 bandsaw

page added for the Rohm automatic steady rests for CNC lathes
We have 2 different sizes in stock
Rohm automatic steady rest for CNC lathes

Chin Hung 75mm bore Gang Tooling Lathe

We are pleased to add to our product line, a compact gang tooling lathe with a 75mm hole through the spindle. Click here

Convertible Gang Tooling lathe from Cyclematic

Cyclematic has given it's CT1118 CNC lathe a revolutionary option.  Now you can switch it from
chucking or working between centres to a gang tooling lathe in minutes. Click here
Gang tooling set up

Cyclematic has introduced a new model of their Hardinge style toolroom lathes with AUTOMATIC DIGITAL THREADING model CTL618e

We have also added a page for selection of options and accessories for the complete Cyclematic line with links from each offering more details.

We have pages for the new Topwell 80" x 26" travel vertical machining center   Model TW-2065-MCV
A reference on our Service and Support page offers testing of your machining center power draw bar to check for correct tension.  Over time many drawbars loose tension due to weakening or broken clamping springs.   The Dynamometers are also available for purchase.

New pages have been added
A photo gallery of large Annnyang manual lathes
Many pages for Annnyang large CNC lathes
Eguro CNC super precision lathes from Japan.  We sold these for a while many years ago and the stronger Canadian dollar is making them more
    attractive these days.

Google private search tool has been added to every page of our web site.  Type in your key word and goolgle will search our site to help you find what you're looking for.

It appears in the top left corner beside our banner.

Acu-Rite CNC retrofit kit logo Millpwr logo
Do It Yourself CNC control for your knee mill.  The Acu-Rite Millpowr kit is designed to be just that.  Two or 3 axis kits are available for most popular mills.  Kits include ballscrews, motor mount brackets, motors, control and mounting arm.  Normal install should take less than a day, or we can do it for you.  Click here

We have added several pages on the Acu-rite Millpwr CNC control including links to a 12 minute video. We will be building some of these in our shop in the next few weeks.  Click here

We have added a few new pictures of the Dalian CKE series of CNC lathes with Anilam controls, showing the way the operator console slides on the bed, the 6 position automatic turret and details of the operator console   Check them out here..

We are anticipating the arrival of the new Topwell TWL-1046 linear way machining centers shortly after the New Year.  This is a 40" x 18" travel machine. Check them out on this new page.

Shanghai Drill presses

As many of you know we have sold the high quality ERLO drill presses for years, 39 years actually.  The recent currency realignment in Europe has pushed the prices somewhat.   We can now offer a more budget priced line of drills from China.  They are astonishing value. 
Check them out here.   New Shanghai drills

Spec change on Topwell 5A-VF

A specification change on the big Topwell knee on the Y axis travel has been posted.  20" of cross slide travel..

SpiderCool Programmable Coolant Nozzle Systems:
RETROFITABLE to most machining centers !
One of the problems many CNC machine have is getting coolant aimed accuractly at the cutting zone when the machine goes through tool changes and actual position of the cutting zone moves. The Spidercool Programmable Coolant Nozzle system is a solution that can be retrofitted to almost any horizontal or vertical machining center.  The system goes a long way to allowing unattended machining, will improve tool life by getting coolant where it is needed, will speed up machining because the operator will not have to re-aim the nozzles manually ( in some shops safety concerns dictate that machining stop to re-aim the coolant), better surface finish because chips are flushed better. 
Kit costs are about $ 3,500 Cdn.,
Simple installations on carousel type tool changer machines take about a day. 
Standard systems have memory for 99 tools.  Larger memory registers are available for machines with large tool changers.
See http://www.hhrobertsmachinery.com/Accessories/Spidercool/spidercool.htm

Maxi-Torque Rite Air Power Draw Bars

.We have sold hundreds of these units and can now give them our unqualified stamp of approval as the most trouble free and competitively priced power draw bars available. Made in USA. We now have a page under accessories with a couple photos and under our Support menu, and spare parts, the complete manual is available along including parts lists and forms for measuring YOUR head to get the correct threaded draw bar. Click here to see it.

Erlo Drill pages updated:

.We have done a lot of work on the Erlo drill pages.  Links are now on almost every page to download the factory catalogues and parts and instruction manuals. 

Midaco Pallet Changer pages added;
We have added a page for the Midaco pallet changers. These pallet changers run from a mini size lift off system to larger rotary fully automatic and side to side systems. Click here
Fresmak and
Autowells hydraulic

On-line parts and instruction manuals have additional pages for AutoWells hydraulic
vises and Fresmak hydraulic vises

Video on Freeport Double Column Surface Grinders

A video is now available for viewing on the large Freeport Double Column surface grinders. 
One of these big grinders is now being prepared to ship to Canada.

Auto Wells hydraulic vises, gang vises and pallet changers:
A page has been added showing the Autowells line of vises, gang vises and pallet changers.  The 2 and 3 up gang vises are in stock and have been particularly well received for production set ups on machining centers.

Box tables and sub-tables

A page has been added under accessories for the box tables and sub tables for mills and machining centers..
A page has been added under accessories for box tables, sub-tables and tombstones that we have in stock.
See the page

The new TWL Mini Mill series from Topwell has been shipped and is en route to us now. We should have the frames here by the end of February to start the CNC integration.  Click here to see the pictures of the project.  The final assembly pictures are on page 2.  There are links on page to that will take you there.

On the page for our Bridgeport replacement heads, links are now active to download a dimensioned drawing for the mounting bolt hole patterns. This is generally needed for most Taiwan Bridgeport clones..

Major Upgrade to the site. There are now nearly 200 pages here.  A new menu system developed that gives you full menu selections on every page with no need to go back to the home page. The menu will stay at the top of the page as you scroll down. Small pictures added to the menus to help guide you to the correct pages. Under the Support menu is a submenu to download most of our catalogues that we produce in house. Additional catalogues will be added.  Also quite a few parts lists have been put on line to reduce the number of calls for replacement manuals when parts are needed.
Additional pages added for Shun Chuan engine lathes.
Additional pages added for Freeport Bridge type surface grinders.
Pictures updated on the HH Roberts / Topwell 4-GL page. Additional pages added for the manual Cyclematic lathes. These are Hardinge style lathes in several models from tool room, through turret style to second operation
Additional pages added for Mega Bandsaws showing models previously not listed here.

Page added for Feeler Slant bed turning centers and Vertical Machining Centers. We have some of these in stock with Fanuc and Anilam CNC controls. Links are on the pages to download the catalogues.

A web page has been added for the Cyclematic CTS and CTL 27 series of second operation lathes. The CTS model features a turret style tailstock while the CTL has a traditional tailstock and a manual carriage. Click here to see the page.

A listing of manufacturers that we have at least some parts in stock for. Some of these suppliers date back to the mid 1950's. Look under "Support > parts
Under the About us menu selection you will find

1) a history of the company
2) directions to get here
3) jobs and employment opportunities
4) some listings for our distributors in the USA and Canada
5) some links to the web sites of some of our suppliers

for sale  TUL safety 4 man life raft from our aircraft