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Our SUPPORT area has additionally hundreds of parts and instruction manuals

Our Unique Horizontal / Vertical Machining Center. 5 Faces One Setup !
Vertical and Horizontal spindles on one machine
Work on 5 faces of a workpeice in one set up.
Add the rotary table or a tilting rotary table for up to 6 1/2 axes control
We have one in the our showroom with the Hiedenhain TNC530i Control, twin 24 tool, tool changers and a rotary table.
Click here for details
Topwell Horizontal vertical machining center with Heidenhain i530 CNC control
with all the guards removed so you can see how it's made.
Topwell TW-43 twin spindle horizontal vertical machining centre
with a rotating an tilting table - 6 1/2 axes
Topwell TW-43 Horizontal / Vertical machining center

Topwell TW-43-HV
horizontal vertical 2 spindle machining center
Topwell open version of horizontal vertical machining center
A simpler version with Anilam CNC and one tool magazine.

Dalian CKE6140 CNC Lathe with anilam 4200 CNC Control
Dalian and Annnyang CNC Lathes
with Fanuc and Anilam controls
HH Roberts / Cyclematic high precision toolroom and gang tooling CNC lathes with Anilam controls
Manual and CNC toolroom
and gang tooling lathes

Cyclematic CNC toolroom lathe HH Roberts/AnnYang CNC Lathe with Anilam Control Feeler FTC-20 CNC lathe
CNC Toolroom Lathes
In Stock
CNC lathes
In stock
Turning Centers

Strands S25 drill press
In stock
Strands and Solberga
drill preses:
also with 220/1/60
Erlo geared head drill presses
Drill Presses
Huge selection
Shanghai Haxin drill press
very attractive priced Shanghai drill presses

Acu-Rite and Heidenhain Digital Readouts
with Colour LCD graphics and full programmability

Anilam 1000 Colour LCD digital readout system

HH Roberts / Topwell 5-VF advanced milling machine
Argo Knee Mill
HH Roberts replacement heads for Bridgeport style milling machines
Advanced Manual Knee Mills
Traditional Mills
Replacement Miling Heads
for Bridgeports and Bridgeport clones

HH Roberts / Topwell Manual Bed Mills
HH Roberts / Topwell TW-40 Manual Bed Mill
Bed Mills: Vertical,  Horizontal / Vertical and Quill Head

Topwell / HH Roberts CNC Knee mill with Anilam Control
Topwell 4-GL_RG cnc knee mill
Topwell 5A-GL CNC knee mill
2, 3, 4 and 5 Axis CNC Knee Mills

HH Roberts / Topwell CNC bed mill with Anilam CNC control
Topwell TW-40-MV with Anilam 5300 CNC control
Topwell TW-60 CNC bed mill with 60 inch x 31 inch travels
CNC bed mills with travels from 31" to 80"
Available with Anilam, Fanuc, Fagor and Heidenhain CNC

Topwell TWH5026 vertical machining centre with Anilam 6000i CNC control
Vertical and horizontal machining centres up to 87" x 43" travels and gantry style machines to much larger sizes.

Freeport Surface Grinder Freeport Double column surface grinders
Surface Grinders
Freeport Double Column
Surface Grinders

Mega Automatic Bandsaws
Grob Tool Room Bandsaws and saw band blade welders
Fuho vertical bandsaws
Mega Automatic and CNC bandsaws
up to 40" diameter twin column.
Toolroom Bandsaws
Vertical Bandsaws

Chnelong manual bandsaw
Chenlong 9" manual saws
Arnold tombstone vice set
Fresmak - Arnold high precision high pressure hydraulic machine vise
Walrus high pressure coolant pumps
Arnold / Fresmak tombstone vices
in various configurations
Arnold / Fresmak high pressure
Hydraulic Vices
Sacemi, Walrus and other coolant pumps
Gabro box and pan brake
Gabro Unique box and pan brakes
The most versatile brake around
Gabro throatless sheet metal shear
Gabro throatless sheet metal shears cut without distortion.

Slotting Attachments for your Bridgeport style mill.

Attention CNC Customers with PC based controls ( Anilam, Centronix, Milltronics etc )

USB Port to read memory sticks, flash card readers etc
If your CNC has a floppy disk drive, this upgrade will likely be adaptable to your machine

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